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Consult a Professional

The Bio-eye hydroxyapatite orbital implant has been described as "a dream come true" by patients, eye care specialists and ocularists.

The benefits of a more natural appearance, more life-like movement and more stable implant material have made this unique orbital implant the premier choice for those who wear an artificial eye.

Consult your eye care specialist or ocularist to determine whether you can benefit from the Bio-eye Hydroxyapatite Orbital Implant. The best cosmetic results depend on the right implant selection, a sound surgical procedure, and the skills of a well-trained ocularist.

For the name of an ophthalmologist who performs the Bio-eye implant procedure in the area where you live, please call: Toll free USA (800) 424-6537 or (858) 259-4355. Remember, you deserve the best result, and that begins with a Bio-eye Hydroxyapatite Integrated Orbital Implant.

The choice is yours. You need not settle for less than the best. Your choice of orbital implant will affect your appearance for the rest of your life.