Page 3The Conformer


by Sarah Rediger

I had this dream:
Everyone thought I was blind,
but I knew I could see.
I tried to explain it to them,
But no one would hear me.
All people have their own colors
in voices, skin, the gentle touch of fingertips,
and soft kisses on my chin.
The colors were as real to me as sun and
undershirts and my favorite marshmallows.
Mommy is red with apple cheeked smiles
and kisses and love.
My sister is pink like bubble gum,
lollipops, and ice cream.
My mom-mom is yellow,
warm like sunshine hugs.
My Boppy is purple like blankets and
pillows and stuffed velvet toys.
Outside is green with flowers,
trees, and soft grass.
Rain is brown like dirt and the
mud puddles it makes.
My home is orange, bright and
safe, summertime and bouncing balls.
When I awoke from my dream
and knew I could see,
I spent hours pouring over letters
and old photographs looking for new colors.
The golden haired angel smiled out at me.
He seemed to know what it means
to really see.
His colors are rich and vibrant, alive
with sound and texture and emotion,
a more vivid work of art than
any I could imagine.
It's not dark at all,
just pure and whole and beautiful.

Sarah Rediger is Nicky Gomberg's nanny. Four year old Nicky has bilateral anophthalmia.
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